Monthly Archives: October 2019

Fairy tale

Once upon a time.



A relic of a lost time

When I fought to stay young

When I wore a shiny ring

Heavy on my hand

It wore me

When my hair was red

My eyes bright

My waist small

He ran away

Throwing his ring over his shoulder behind him

His words disappearing as he vanished into the distance

Left behind

My words echoed back at me

In reflections of him

I held their hands to stay upright

We held each other to stay found

I looked for him in others grasping at me

Too short

Too tall

Too slim

Too rough

Too mean

Too careless

I was Goldilocks

A shiny thing

In a car park you found me

Why am I here?

Coffee you said

The machine was broken anyway smells of vinegar descaling my armour

My head on your shoulder

I ran away

You didn’t

You stayed when my anger and grief beat at you

Waves of it pushing you

My spiteful words and bitter pills spilling out

My age showing

The patterns on my skin emerging

My strength showing you tell me softly

You stay

Your arm holding me

Your words reflecting me

Your anger for my pain

I don’t need protecting I shout even when it hurts

You stay

I stay

This is not a fairytale

This is real

We stay

The end.