Monthly Archives: April 2015

My girl

I started writing this as a retort for one of the very funny “You know you’ve got boys when….” poems that has been doing the social rounds recently. 

Predictably my writing never quite turns out as expected so this is what I ended up with. I’m no Carol Ann Duffy or even Pam Ayres but I do quite enjoy a slightly poetic ramble. So here you go. 

My girl. 

Knickers on the kitchen tables, dirty PJs on the chair. 

I just can’t brush those tangles out and sticky honey’s in her hair. 

A feisty girl all spins and twirls with daydream eyes, lost baby curls. 

Pouty lips and hands on hips, dirty nails and bogey trails. 
Glitter pens and sequin skirts all covered in some kind of dirt. 
Fluffy bunnies, kitten paws, sticky sweets and notes in drawers, 
Baby blues with long soot lashes, tangled hair and temper flashes. 
Sparkly stickers everywhere, secret diaries on the stairs. 
Fancy dress, her room’s a mess, I can’t keep up, there’s change afoot – this little girl is growing up. 

I wonder what she will become? An artist, builder or a pilot?

No doubt her hair will soon be violet and I will hold my mouth tight shut and not say the words from long ago…

…no you will not leave the house like that with too small skirts and too high shoes! 

Where’s your favourite cuddly toy?
Please don’t go with that too old boy! 

He has a motorbike you say? Please don’t, I am already grey! 

For now she cares of friends and toys 
And tries to get her homework done. 
She reads and writes and draws and paints,
Plays games and dreams of times to come. 

I know these days will soon pass by
And I will miss her clothes thrown here and there and wonder why,
I spent my time tidying up
and shouting hurry up 
we need to go 
because we’re late. 

She will be gone in a twirl of glitter, sparkles and crazy hair 
And I will miss her knickers on the kitchen table and her stickers everywhere.