Runny noses

I just had the best hot chocolate ever with marshmallows and actual proper melty chocolate courtesy of my marvellous mother in law. She bought it for me for Christmas just in case it was one of those days. It was. I needed it today. She knows me far too well.

Yes I said mother in law and marvellous in the same sentence. She is very very awesome. None judgy, thoughtful, funny, kind and inspirational kind of awesome. The year I met my husband she was about to run the London Marathon and I was all “Hi, I am 7 years older than your only beloved son and I have MS and oh yeah did I mention I have just left my first husband after getting married 6 months ago?”. She just said “I don’t judge, we all have history and I just want him to be happy”. I love her a lot.

So she bought me the lovely chocolate on a stick to be melted in hot milk with additional marshmallows and today was the day I really needed it.

Small boy has a cold and is still doing daily dollops in his pants. He had a tantrum this morning because quite frankly nothing was right in his 3 year old world. He didn’t want to get dressed, he didn’t want to go on the potty and he didn’t want to brush his teeth. He wanted to have a big old fucking SHOUT at the world. Big girl has a cold too and was on goooooo slooooooooow. Mr Moore has a cold a shit load of work to do and I have a cold and the daily dollops of life to deal with.

Plus did I mention that I reversed into a parked car at school last week? Yeah I did that. Nice man called me last night to say it will be 100 of my English pounds to repair the minor scratches. Bum.

So….where is this heading you may ask? Dunno. Just needed to wipe my runny nose on something and this is the result. I am smiling a little to myself in a slightly off putting to strangers kind of way though as I recall a big girl incident from early this week:

Big girl: I don’t want to do my homework I’m not doing it I don’t care leave me alone (blah blah you get the drift)

Me: You will do it or I will write in your book that you refused to do it.

Big girl: Nooooooooooo!!!! That’s not fair!!! You can’t!!! I’m still not doing it!!

Me: You are doing it otherwise I will write in your book and email the head of lower school and tell her that you are being uncooperative. This attitude is unacceptable and I am very disappointed, you know you have to do it and no, it is not lost on me that I am standing here in a dinosaur onesie trying to tell you off so just pretend I am wearing normal clothes and…..

We didn’t get any further as neither of us could stop laughing. She did the homework though.

I love my family runny noses and all.


2 thoughts on “Runny noses

  1. drdeblogs

    Get well soon! I too have a runny nose and this morning l went into school (to play with magnets) with my top tied at the front instead of at the back. Didn’t notice till I got home.


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