I’ve only gone and bloody done it!!

Two things!! Yup I’ve done two things today that I have wanted to do for absolutely ages and I am very happy and ridiculously PROUD as procrastination is my absolute middle name.

Firstly I have done THIS yes THIS!!! I’ve been driving everyone fucking crazy for a good few years now with my insistance on using Facebook as some sort of mini-blog with my incessant daily wittering about my life – kids, dollops, shit parenting, great parenting, coping/not coping, occasional hangovers, driving my car into stationary vehicles, trying to get fit, running…..you name it and I have gone on about it. So I am still going to do that only now I have more room to crap on about everything and you can join me or run for the hills at your leisure…….I’d love to have you all with me though it’s so much more fun.

Secondly…..I ran 25 minutes without stopping today for the first time EVER oh yes I did!!! As you will learn I am not the sporty type. I am 40, weigh more than I ought to, have Multiple Sclerosis and have historically been the biggest exercise dodger ever and the thought of running? Um……not so much. So thought I’d start Couch to 5K. I have a love hate relationship with running as, well, basically I am shit at it and very slow but I hate to be defeated so I keep coming back to it and oh yes today despite being utterly terrified I only bloody did it!

AND RealMrMoore and I have only had to clear up cat dollops today and not the oh so epic ones of our smallest boy child. Thank fuck for that.Image

So there. That’s it. As someone cleverer than me once said – if you don’t know where to start, start in the middle. So I have.

17 thoughts on “I’ve only gone and bloody done it!!

    1. Ali Cooper

      Great, fab Anna. As you make me laugh every time I see you I can now laugh at your Dollop – daily. Enjoy and we will follow. Ali xxxxx

      1. realmrsmoore Post author

        Thank you my darling Ali!! You are my running inspiration sweetie plus you kick my butt at Bootcamp!! Let’s have a blog from you too!! Xxxx

  1. Tara

    Congratulations. As you know I do enjoy running, but some days I talk myself out of it and convince myself of the benefits of waiting until tomorrow. I have done exactly this today. Then I read your blog and am overcome with regret that I didn’t go out, that I have just had a slice of my failed ginger cake that I baked earlier and that even though it is only half past four and there is still time to don my trainers, I’m not going to. Instead I will envy your efforts and glory in my admiration for your achievement. Thank you Anna. (ps- I am going to run tomorrow, I am, I am, I really am).

    1. realmrsmoore Post author

      Thank you so much Tara that is just the loveliest comment! I often think of you when I run and how much I admired you and your sporting ability at school. You are very inspiring!! Alas I am out of action again at the moment as I have done something to my ankle which is all rather annoying. So yes please do run for me especially as I can’t at the moment. Ginger cake is really irresistible 😉 x


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